Sichuan Mahjong
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Sichuan Mahjong

Sichuan has cute giant pandas, delicious hot pot, and great mahjong enthusiasts. It's said that people here can play mahjong anywhere, such as in the river. Sichuan Mahjong is the most popular Chinese mahjong. 🐼

Sichuan Mahjong Rules

Sichuan Mahjong, also known as Sichuan Bloody Rules Mahjong(SBR Mahjong). It has a total of 108 cards, with bamboo, dots, and characters, but no wind or dragon cards. 🀄

Its rules are very simple. On the first turn, players need to discard one suit. When the first player wins, the game continues. The game will not end until the second player wins and the third player wins. 🎲

Why Play SBR Mahjong

SBR Mahjong requires you to give up a suit to start. Just like life, we need to give up some things to make life easier and more comfortable. 🤔

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