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American Mahjong

What is American Mahjong

American Mahjong is a variation of Chinese Mahjong that was introduced in the 1920s. Its rules are different from other Mahjong games around the world, but just as fun and exciting. 🤠

How Many Tiles

American Mahjong consists of 152 mahjong tiles, including 36 dots (4 of each number 1-9), 36 Bams (4 of each number 1-9), 36 Cracks (4 of each number 1-9), 16 Winds (4 of each wind, North/East/South/West), 12 Dragons (4 of each, Red/White or Soap/Green), 8 Flowers, 8 Jokers, 4 Blanks (optional). 🀆

American Mahjong Rules

  • American Mahjong uses cards to define winning tile combinations. 🀀
  • A new card is released every year, and players need to constantly learn new winning combinations. 🀁
  • The National Mahjong League (NMJL) is the primary card publisher. 🀂
  • We'll teach you how to read cards, no matter which card design you're using. 🀃

How to Play?

Preparation: 1. Visit mahjongo.com; 2. Click American mahjong; 3. Start! 🤭

Aha, just kidding, but playing American mahjong is that easy now. 🤗

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